Red Dots

Red dots visible through.

In that type of scopes, light is sent to a filter or glass which split light and send one part to the eye. Because element which produces light is below or on side of line of sight, shooter see target with light reticle on it.

Red dots are made in two types. Type one is open when the zoom is 1x. That red dots are light and in minimum narrow the vision. Type two is closed, which can have some zoom ratio and is similar to scope.

Profits for use red dots scopes:
- faster and more precise shooting in most distances when compare to standard sights,
- reduced parallax when compare to scope
- very wide field of view
- possible to use in any conditions of light

In our offer you can find both types of red dots. All are waterproof what is unique with these price level. All of our red dots have zoom ratio 1x which is what normal eye see. What makes easier for both eyes open shooting.